About Us

We believe in all the doctrines that are taught in the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, particularly in all those the faithful Church has always believed in throughout the centuries, especially those related to the Trinity, the plan of salvation by grace through faith in the person of Jesus Christ and in the work He accomplished at the cross of Calvary.

We also believe in the pentecostal doctrines of the baptism with the Holy Spirit, the spiritual gifts and the direction of the Lord Jesus over his Church. We believe that the Church must be observant of the doctrines referred in the 7 Theses proclaimed at this site so that it may live in sanctification and in obedience to God’s will.

We believe that the practice of the teachings of the Holy Scriptures, especially of those related to the importance of using the means of grace – prayer, fast, vigils, meditation in the Word of God – are sufficient for any church to be awaken from a condition of spiritual slumber in any part of the world.

This is the reason why we do not accept doctrines or practices which are based on personal experience or in teachings of some pastors that are not found in the doctrine nor in the experiences narrated in the Word of God (the Bible) but that became widespread in some radical evangelical Charismatic churches. Other than not b eing really biblical, these doctrines are not necessary for a true revival to take place. On the contrary, they cause damage to an authentic Work of the Holy Spirit.

Origin word Maranatha

The word Maranatha for us isn’t just a name, but a spiritual patrimony. It identifies the call, a call of the Holy Spirit for a moment, a special time of history and the life of the Church that is the RAPTURE!

This church came forth from an evangelical background, defining both a prophetic and historical moment. Maranatha is the word Paul used to speak about the great message of the Church, which is “The King Comes,” that is, “Jesus will return.”

In January 1980, by revelation of the Lord Jesus, this Work was renamed Maranatha Christian Church, showing that it would be known throughout the world for the message she would be preaching. “Maranatha, the Lord Jesus is coming.”