The Church here in Ghana have embark on a lot of Missions to the poor and needy in the Country. We go to the Villages to Evangelize the pure Word of God to the people in the village and also give them foods, Bibles and cloths as well. Many Children and Youth in this areas in Africa do not have better clothes to wear and some don’t have food to eat. Some wear torn clothing to Church and it is very sad to see them having needs and no one seems to care about them in the Villages. Even the government and other institutions do not bother to help the poor in the villages. The other Churches in Ghana have also not helped to spread the Word of God to the poor in the villages. They prefer to stay in the Cities because that is where they will get tithes and offerings and not the villages. There are no Churches in the Villages, and even if there is a Church there, it will be a small brick house built by the Catholics. But there are many mosques built by the Muslims in the villages. The Churches Today are not helping the poor communities and do not want to go there for any activities such as Evangelizing to them. It is in this regard that God has called Pastor Emmanuel Sawiri to go to the villages to Preach the Pure Word of God to them and also provide for their needs. A little helping hand might be better than none. We are all amazed to see how grateful the people in the villages become when we give them, Bibles, Clothes, Food, Lamps and other gifts. We thank God for that.  We know that Jesus will be more willing to go to the villages to help them and Preach to them as well as we find in the Bible. Jesus fed the hungry crowd both Spiritually and Physically. This is the True Work of the Holy Spirit. We have distributed over 600 Bibles to many various villages in Ghana. The people we distribute the Bibles to can read and understand the Bible clearly because we buy the Bibles in the Language of the people. Ghana alone have over 40 local languages. Every place we go, we first find out from the people to whom we want to distribute the Bibles to the number of people who can read English and others who cannot read English but can read our local Languages. We take our time to make sure they understand and can read the Bible in the Language they choose before we give to them. Those who cannot read the Bibles are given an audio form of the Bible on CD’s which they can listen to it and understand. By the Grace of God all those people that have had the Bibles we distributed have testified about how God transformed their lives through the reading of the Bibles. We have planted Churches in this areas as a result of this. We have planted 5 new Churches in the villages.

There are many people that have been converted to be Christians as a result of this Mission. Some of which are Muslims and others are idol worshipers who immediately threw away their idols. Since we started distributing Bibles for the villages, over 50,000 people have converted. And we have trained Pastors and placed them in this Churches in the villages. We have planted 5 Churches in the villages as a result of our outreach and Missions to the villages. Sometimes our car breaks down when we are going to the villages because of the bad roads, but we still go. God cares about the poor and needy.